Karen Gold - Math

I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember.  My mom was a teacher and perhaps it was her stories that inspired me.  I remember coming home from school, setting my dolls and stuffed animals in a semi-circle, and teaching them all I learned that day.

In junior high, I took algebra I.  Every evening after dinner, my dad would sit down with me and help me with my homework.  (Bless him!)  He was a genius at math, and his love of learning rubbed off on me.  He was a great tutor too!  My algebra teacher told me he wished he had understood the subject as well as I did at my age.

So between Mom and Dad and the Lord’s guidance, I ended up a math teacher.  I have taught for years, homeschooling my own children, teaching math to the children of friends while they taught my kids to read and write, working at public and private schools, and the last 5 years, working here at Christian Heritage Academy.


I love the kids!  I love math!  I love Jesus!  CHA is a perfect fit for this stage of my life.

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